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Muscle inflammation is something that each and every one of us has experienced at least once in lifetime. The problem most commonly occurs once an individual who has been inactive for quite some time decides to engage in any kind of excessive activity or exercise. Muscle inflammation is also typical for many athletes who exaggerate and try to push their bodies over the limit. Still, even though we may think that our muscles are inflamed, there may be some other medical condition involved. For example, numerous illnesses that affect joints, bones and tendons may cause similar symptoms as muscle inflammation does. Because of that the person is due to consult his/her health care provider in order to get properly diagnosed and receive adequate treatment.

What are Causes of Muscle Inflammation?

Any excessive strain may be a trigger of muscle inflammation. This is the reason why such body's response generally occurs in case of overworking the muscle, or a groups of muscles. Similarly any pulling, tear or other injury to the muscle tissues results in inflammation.

Muscle Inflammation and Flu

Apart from injuries muscle inflammation may be also associated with other medical conditions. One of these is flu. We all know how horrible we feel when we catch the flu. Apart from suffering from fever and chills and feeling completely exhausted, we also have to face generalized muscle weakness and muscle/joint pain. Muscles get inflamed due to the virus and are a source of discomfort and ache. Fortunately, muscle ache starts to subside a few days after the onset of the infection and there is no permanent damage to the affected muscles.

Muscle Inflammation in Polyomyositis

Muscle inflammation in some individuals develops as a consequence of polymyositis, not so common connective tissue disease characterized by muscle inflammation and weakness. Polymyositis is triggered by different bacteria, some viruses or it is classified as idiopathic.

Polymyositis may be progressive, last for a long period of time and even become chronic. Our muscles get fully recovered in case of mild to moderate damage and after flu. In case of polymyositis there are chances for some complications, some of which remain for the rest of a person's life.

Depending on the affected muscles polymyositis may cause difficulty swallowing, aspiration and subsequent pneumonia, breathing problems, formation of calcium deposits etc. Moreover, the condition is closely related to other diseases such as Raynaud's phenomenon and connective tissue disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc. And finally, polymyositis is also potential culprit of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).

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