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There are many reasons why nerves swell up, and in the following text, we will see which the main reasons are. The problem we will talk about is associated with the swelling and irritation of the nerves. Nerve inflammation can also be indicated by a chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy. The most common location on the body for nerve inflammation is the back area. Many health problems are associated with the nerve inflammations, such as central nervous system vasculitis, sciatica and optic nerve inflammation. We will cover all of these causes in detail.

Optic Nerve Inflammation

The first condition we will talk about is optic nerve inflammation, which is associated with nerves responsible for taking visual information to the brain. Optic neuritis, which is another name for this condition, is a problem of inflamed optic nerve. This problem creates blurred vision, eye pain and headache, and it can be caused by multiple sclerosis. The ophthalmoscope exam is used for diagnosing the optical nerve inflammation condition. Doctors may also use MRI scans. Treatment for this problem includes steroid therapy.


This is the second possible cause of the nerve inflammation and the problem here is basically in an inflamed sciatic nerve cord, which causes sharp pain in the lower legs, thighs, buttocks and lower back area. Muscle weakness and ankle or knee reflex loss are other symptoms of this condition. This condition is mainly caused by damaged or herniated spinal disc, due to physical injury caused by falling, wrong mannered lifting and similar activities. The visit to the doctor is needed once the problem is detected. Doctors will see which disk has been damaged and a proper treatment will be conducted. Application of ice, rest and medication are treatment methods for mild problems, but physical activity will also have to be introduced since the danger of muscle atrophy is present, due to excessive resting. Physical activity will involve muscles and help with the inflammation. Surgery is also an option, but only when other treatments, along with disc dissolving injections, have been tried out.

Central Nervous System Vasculitis

This problem is associated with the inflammation of the central nervous system. It is very similar to multiple sclerosis and lupus and this creates some problems for diagnosing. There are primary vasculitis, associated with the nerve damage caused only by vasculitis, and secondary vasculitis, which is associated with the damage due to several factors such as lupus. The use of amphetamines, cocaine and other drugs may lead to central nervous system vasculitis. The disease of the systemic connective tissue, infection, malignancy and organ transplants may contribute to the creation of this disease as well. This is an autoimmune disorder and it cannot be treated. These are the most common problems associated with the nerve inflammation. And remember to visit a doctor if you have such or similar problem.

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