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In numerous musculoskeletal conditions pain is only one of the existing symptoms. The intensity of pain can vary from mild to rather severe one. Sometimes the pain is caused by acute conditions. However, if the pain persists for a long period of time it is evident that condition is chronic.

Causes of Pain in Joints and Muscles

Trauma and injury are most common causes of the pain in bones. This pain is profound, piercing, and rather tedious. In rare cases infections can lead to pain in bones. Tumors, both primary and secondary are another cause of pain in bones.

The intensity of pain in muscles is less than the one in bones. Basically the pain in muscles is actually a cramp or medically termed spasm. Pain in muscles occurs as a consequence of injury. It can also happen due to autoimmune reaction or because blood supply of the muscle is inappropriate. Infections as well as tumors are rare causes of pain in muscles. Pain in muscles can be apart from injuries caused by infections. Viruses cause pain in muscles. Myalgia is so common in a flu and other viral infections.

Joints can get stiffed and painful. This is known as so called arthritis pain. Still in some people joints can be painful without presenting a sign of stiffness. This is typical for Lyme disease. In gout for example a patient may complain about an unexpected pain in the joint of the big toe.

Generally, the pain in joints and muscles is caused by inflammation. The affected area is edematous and red. The function of the affected joint or a muscle is damaged. If more than two joints are affected and if the inflammation affects at least one group of muscles the patient may have increased body temperature. In case of joints' inflammation the liquid accumulates inside the joint making it hard to move. Inflammation of joints can be caused by both, infections and autoimmune system. Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, and alcylosing spondylitis are only some of the possible causes of pain in joints.

Apart from pain both joints and muscles may be weak. The problem may lie in nerves, muscles and the very joints. Still the very injury and pain of the muscle makes it hard for a patient to move it. This way a fake weakness occurs as the patient is capable of moving the affected body part but does not want to do it because it really hurts.

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