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This is a drug that is given for the problem of cough and in order to control moderate to the severe pain. But one side effect that is very disturbing is the addiction, which some seem to develop. Also, this prescribed drug can become tolerated by the body if it is used for a longer period of time. In this period, euphoria, satisfaction and relaxation can be experienced if the oxycodone is taken. The problems like coma, breathing problems, dizziness and seizures are experienced once the oxycodone addiction is present. The urine drug test is the best way in which this drug can be found in the body. It is very cheap and it gives results.

The Collection of Specimen

A container for the specimen needs to be unbreakable, dry and clean and without the possibility of a leakage. Also, be sure never to repeat the sampling in the same container. The temperature of the location where the sample is stored needs to be about -20 degrees, if a longer period of perseverance is included. If the specimen is stored only for 48 hours, the temperature needs to be from 2 to 8 degrees. The sample needs to be settled down for a while, filtered and centrifuged if some solid particles are present.

The Test

The presence of Oxycodone can be found by urine sample initial screening. Now, the urine specimen is where the test strip needs to be placed. The test strip has a blue area within the sample level needed. Once the test results exhibit reddish purple lines, the test is done. The results will be visible after 3 to 5 minutes during which the test strip needs to be placed on the non-absorbent and flat surface.

The test region, or T, and the control region, or C, is where the reddish purple lines are visible and show result. If the test region and control region both show reddish purple line, the test is negative. The results considered as normal are when the 100 ng/dl concentration of oxycodone exists. Test region without lines and one line in the control region are associated with positive results. If the period of 10 minutes of waiting has passed and the lines are not beginning to appear, the test needs to be repeated since it is inconclusive. The same goes if control region shows no line while test region shows.

The gas chromatography/mass spectrometry techniques give a bit more effective results. Administration route and drug concentration can be detected with these techniques.

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