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Tricyclic Drug Test

Tricyclic antidepressants or TCA are one of the groups of medications prescribed to people suffering from depression. These medications are also known to cause much more harmful effects to the healthy person abusing TCA, than to someone using the drug to treat depression. One of the conditions that might be related to the use of TCA drugs is risk of developing suicidal tendencies. Because of that, scientists have designed the test called the Tricyclic drug test, available for the detection of TCA level in someone’s body. That way, it is easier to discover the people who may commit suicide.

This type of drug test is useful to identify the people using tricyclic antidepressant medications in many different situations. Knowing that someone is abusing these drugs may prevent any damage that might occur, including the suicide attempt.

Parents, employers, various investigating agencies or defense forces may find this tricyclic drug test extremely helpful. Parents may want to determine if their child is using TCA medications and furthermore, are the levels of these drugs too high in their child’s system. Preventing the problem in early stages is much better and more helpful than dealing with the consequences of the TCA use.

Employers may also be interested in this drug test. It could be used before the person join the company or on the people that already work for you. Either way, this drug test can help you to identify the people with high level of TCA.

Investigating agencies and police force use Tricyclic drug test to identify the cause of death. If the TCA drug test is positive, in some cases it might be good enough to continue further with the investigation.

The use of Tricyclic drug testing is also highly appreciated among the members of US soldiers and similar forces. Since these people work in extremely stressful environment, there is an alarming increase of the suicides among them. Performing this test, authorities are able to find out about any potential problems that may arise because of the use of TCA drugs.

How the Test Works?

The Tricyclic drug test is performed on urine, so you need to collect urine sample and dip the test in tit for about 10 minutes. After that time remove the strip and leave for about 5 minutes on the non absorbent surface. The color lines on the test will indicate either positive or negative results. People with identified high levels of TCA are exposed to increased risk of suicidal attempts and they should be taken care of.

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