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Information on Seasickness

Most cases of seasickness involve a feeling of nausea. Those who go on sea journeys by a boat should always take certain measures of precaution against the occurrence of seasickness.

Nausea is the primary symptom of seasickness, but there are also other symptoms which may be affiliated with this medical condition. A person may also experience a spinning sensation which provides a feeling of imbalance and sometimes it may even lead to vertigo. This medical condition is one of different types of motion sickness which occur while traveling in a plane or an automobile as well.

Most remedies for these types of medical conditions are usually taken before the actual journey begins. Seasickness occurs when the different signals that the brain receives from the eyes and inner ears do not provide the exact same information.

This is medically referred to as the visual disorientation. The inner ear provides the brain with a feeling of motion but the eyes do not trigger a feeling of movement so this collision of impulses in the brain actually makes a person feel seasick.

Remedies for Seasickness

There are numerous different remedies which can be used to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. The most important thing is to adjust the diet before starting a journey.

The meals should contain low levels of fat. It is also important to stress out the fact that starving will not be helpful when a person experiences seasickness. Even seasick persons must eat. If the stomach becomes unstable it actually triggers a certain type of electrical activity, due to starvation. This leads to a condition in which virtually anything even mildly irritable can make a person vomit.

Most effective remedies for motion sickness are specially designed acupressure wrist bands which need to be worn on both wrists in order to be fully effective. They contain magnets which have to be aligned with certain pressure points so that they can be fully efficient.

If a person does not align these elements, the remedy is completely useless. Ginger is very efficient in relieving the symptoms of motion sickness and it can be used in all different forms.

One can chew on a piece of fresh ginger or perhaps take it in the form of ginger ale. It can also be ingested in the form of capsules. Numerous different types of over-the-counter medications can also be helpful in most cases.

One can also use some of the homeopathic products which seem to be very effective. Proper hydration and plenty of fresh air are recommended while onboard a ship. Watching TV and spending plenty of time in enclosed spaces should be avoided.

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