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Tea tree oil is among the best possible treatment methods for all those who suffer from acne. Acne is one of the most common medical conditions as it affects a large number of people everywhere around the world. Tea tree oil cannot be used to get rid of acne completely, but it sure can be very efficient in lightening the acne to a certain degree.

Antiseptic Properties of Tea Tree Oil

Some people actually refer to tea tree oil as the miraculous natural acne cure. It is very popular as a topical type of treatment for acne and it is highly praised because it can be used safely at anyone’s home. Another very good thing about tea tree oil is that it is one of the most inexpensive treatment methods for the treatment of acne. Tea tree oil is known for its very potent antiseptic properties and it is very efficient in restricting the growth of bacteria. Bacteria are the main cause of acne in most cases. This is why tea tree oil can also be considered as one of the best methods of prevention of acne in the first place.

Other Medical Purposes of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can also be used for numerous other medicinal purposes, but it is important to use the highest quality tea tree oil when it comes to the treatment of acne. Some sources claim that adulterated tea tree oil can be used for the treatment of acne but that could not be further from the truth. One should never apply tea tree oil without diluting it first, because that may lead to blistering, irritation and skin damage as well. It is highly recommended to take a certain amount of face wash cream and add a few drops of tea tree oil into it.

Diluted Tea Tree Oil for Acne

It is a good idea to use Australian tea tree oil in its diluted form. That is the best possible option for all those who suffer from acne. It is not a good idea to use concentrated forms of tea tree oil for the treatment of acne. Topical application of diluted tea tree oil is definitely the safest option. It can be diluted by using various types of carrier oils such as grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. It is very efficient in cleaning the skin and removing all unwanted type of cells. After the application, one should avoid direct exposure to the sun. There are numerous different types of products which contain tea tree oil as their active ingredient and those include facial cleaners, toners, facial masks, soaps, gels, shampoos and so on.

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