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Camellia oil is well known under the names tea seed oil and tea oil. This oil is widely popular and used for many purposes. Some people use this oil for skin care, while others use it for the hair care. Furthermore, this oil is also used in cooking for preparing many types of foods.

Historic facts about camellia oil

Camellia oleifera is the original name for the Tea Oil Camellia plant from which the camellia oil is extracted. However, camellia oil can be also extracted for some other plants, such as Camellia sinensis or Tea Plant and camellia japonica or Japanese Camellia. These three plants belong to the same genus, which is called Camellia. The origin of this plant is Asia, precisely the southern and eastern Asia.

Camellia oil

The other name of this oil is, as mentioned above, tea seed oil. Therefore, it is often confused by many people with tea tree oil although these two oils are completely different and have different features and benefits. Narrow-leaved Tea-tree is a plant from which the tea tree oil is extracted, which is, by the way, indigestible and uneatable oil. On the other hand, camellia oil is digestible and eatable oil. This oil is obtained when the seeds of the camellia plant are cold-pressed. The oil is of pale-green color and has a sweet herbal aroma.

Camellia oil benefits

Since this oil has properties similar to those of olive and grape seed oils, it is usually called olive oil from Asia. Many people use camellia oil when preparing different kinds of foods, as well as for frying certain foods and preparing dressing salads. However, since it has anti-corrosion properties, it may also be used to lubricate the woodworking tools.

Camellia oil is considered to be a good absorbent and it penetrates very rapidly. Therefore, many hair and skin products contain this oil as a major ingredient. Japanese camellia oil is very popular in hair products industry since it is widely used for the conditioning of the hair, as well as for hair styling. This oil is very effective for smoothing of the dry scalp and it improves the elasticity of hair. Furthermore, this oil promotes faster hair growing and repairs damaged and brittle hair. Moreover, camellia oil is very powerful for the skin care since it protects the skin from UV rays. It reduces the wrinkles and scars, as well as acne and wounds on the skin.

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