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Menopause Blues

This is one of the most common problems that affects women. One of the mostcommon problems during this period refers to mood swings. This problem can bemistaken with something else, so we will try to explain how to detect if you arehaving mood swings or if something else is troubling you. Many things can leadto mood swings and some of them are aging, infertility, sexuality, body image,stresses, all of them being something that accompanies everyone's life. They can lead to mood swings,and in some cases to depression. It is important to see which cause for themood problems is present.It is also important to make a distinction between the depressed and depression because these terms do not describe the same thing.

The dysphoria or depressed mood issomething brief and it brings a feeling of blues. It can come along with sometreatments. The depression, on the other hand, is a symptom of psychologicalproblem. It can even cause clinical depression, though these cases are rare. Usually the depression lasts shortly and requires notreatment. Dysthemia is a medical term used for depression. The problem we have mentioned, called clinical depression, is caused by the imbalance of chemicalsin the brain and the treatment for this problem is needed.

There is no clinical trial that proves that any of these problem is a part ofmenopauseal period, but this is not what women experiencing this period say.They have alterations from happy faced women to crying ones. Some say thattransition to menopause can be responsible for the mood swings, since this isthe time when hormones fluctuate. Also, sleeping problems felt during this periodcan increase the potential of mood swings. Clinical depression patients andwomen with severe PMS seem to have greater problems with mood swings.


Oral contraceptives can be used for perimenstrual mood swings, since they can controlthem by regulating hormone levels. Reduction of chances for ovarianand uterine cancer and uterine bleeding can be produced by the use of thesemedications. St. John’s wort can be used for mild cases, along with the severalchanges of the life habits we will list. Try to postpone making decisions afterthis period ends, be patient since this period can take time, do activitiesthat make you happy and try to break tasks into small ones.If the chemical imbalance is the reason for the mood swings, antidepressantsare used for treatment.

These medications produce little side effects, but theireffect may require several weeks to be noticed. Hot flashes can also beeliminated with the use of these medications, but remember that prior to taking any medication you need consult a specialist.

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