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Both men and women experience mood swings. Most of the mood swings that women experience are of hormonal nature and likely to become particularly noticeable before and during their menstrual periods, during pregnancy and around menopause. As far as men are concerned, their mood swings are usually due to a build-up of stress or simply a problem they are experiencing at that particular moment. When the mood swings feel like they have gone out of control and they start affecting the sleeping habits of a person, there are some natural remedies which have proven to be quite effective in dealing with them. The important thing to remember is to consult a doctor before taking any of them.

Treating mood swings with flowers

One of the best natural remedies for mood swings is chamomile flower. Its soothing effect works wonders for the moody individual that tends to go from uncontrollable happiness to deep sorrow in a very small period of time. Chicory is a natural remedy that is best used for people whose mood can go from overall positive to sulking like a spoiled child for no good reason.

Treating mood swings with food

Some experts think that mood swings can be connected to the kind of food that is taken in. To be more specific, they believe that those people who consume a lot foods that are likely to produce yeast which remains in the intestines, have a tendency to experience mood swings. What should be done to put an end to the development of yeast in the intestines is limiting the intake of foods containing refined sugar, particularly baked goods, but also avoiding vinegar, caffeine and alcohol.

Treating mood swings with hydrotherapy

Water is also known to have a calming effect on people and sometimes drawing a bath and relaxing in the bath tub for some time can be more than enough to restore the mental balance. Although, many people will suppose that the water in the bath tub should be as hot as possible to achieve this, it is not true. The temperature of the water in the bath tub should be slightly lower than the one of the body and it is enough to stay in the tub for no more than twenty minutes.

Treating mood swings with juice

Some mood swings can be provoked by some kind of a disorder in the pancreas. A very simple, yet effective, way to reach a balance in the pancreas, thereby taking care of the mood problems that result from it, is to drink a lot of carrot juice. Avoiding refined sugar and taking up a habit of drinking two freshly squeezed carrot juice glasses a day will have surprisingly positive results.

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