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Hydromorphone can relieve sever pain

Hydromorphone is a certain type of medication which iscommonly used for the alleviation of moderate to severe instances of painfulsensations. In some cases it may also come in very handy when it comes todecreasing coughing. In some rather rare cases it may be prescribed for severalother medicinal uses as well. There are various different forms in whichhydromorphone can be purchased. In most cases it is prescribed in the form oftablet or liquid or perhaps as an extended release capsule or tablet whichneeds to be taken by mouth. Hydromorphone is also sometimes prescribed as arectal suppository. The ordinary oral forms of the medications are commonlytaken every 4 to 6 hours, depending on the condition of the patient, while theextended release capsules and tablets commonly do not need to be taken morethan once per day. Rectal suppository hydromorphone is usually used every 6 to8 hours, depending on the individual case of the patient. One should alwayscarefully follow the directions included on the prescription label. It is alsoa very good idea to always closely follow all instructions given by the doctor.The liquid always needs to be well shaken before the dose can be measured. One needsto be well aware that hydromorphone may sometimes be associated with thedevelopment of dependence. It should never be taken for periods of time longerthan those recommended by the doctor. The dosage also should never exceed theone recommended by the doctor and included on the prescription label.Hydromorphone rectal suppositories require certain steps to be followed inorder to be inserted properly. The wrapper first needs to be removed before thetip of the suppository gets dipped into water. The patient needs to lie down onthe left side of the body and raise the right knee all the way up to the chest.Those who are left handed should do the same procedure on the right side of thebody and the left knee. The suppository needs to be inserted into the rectum,about an inch deep. Once the suppository gets inserted it needs to be held inplace with a finger for a few seconds. The patient is allowed to stand up afterapproximately 15 minutes, and he or she should then wash the hands thoroughlybefore indulging in any other normal activities. There are certain measures ofprecautions which need to be followed before using hydromorphone for the painrelief. Those who are allergic to any type of drugs such as tartrazine,sulfites, Aspirin need to inform the doctor. It is also important to note thephysician if the patient takes any sort of vitamins, tranquilizers, sleepingpills, sedatives, medications used for the treatment of allergies, medicationsused for the treatment of cold, cough medications, antidepressants, painrelievers or any other type of medication. Those who suffer from urinaryproblems, prostatic hypertrophy, heart disease, thyroid disease, lung disease,alcoholism, kidney disease or liver disease need to be very careful and consulta healthcare provider before using hydromorphone for the treatment of painfulsensations. Pregnant women and those who plan on becoming pregnant should avoidusing this medication because it may have some negative effects on the unbornchild. Breastfeeding mothers should also steer clear of hydromorphone becauseit may pass into the mother’s milk and trigger some negative effects on thechild. This type of medication is known for inducing drowsiness, so it isstrongly advised not to drive a car or operate any machinery while under theeffect of the drug. The aforementioned drowsiness can only be emphasized byingesting alcohol. This medication is known for sometimes inducing nausea, soin most cases it needs to be taken with milk or some food. Sometimes thepatient may forget to take the prescribed dose of the medication. In such casesit is best to take it as soon as remembered, but in cases when the time for thenext dose is near it is recommended to wait until that time and resume thedosage schedule from the next dose on. One should never take doubles doses ofthe medication in order to make up for the missed ones because that may be verydangerous. The medication needs to be tightly closed and it needs to be keptout of reach of children. It needs to be stored at room temperature, away fromthe moisture and heat.

Side effects of Hydromorphone

As is the case with most different types of prescriptionmedications, nonprescription medications, herbal remedies and all othersubstances commonly used for the prevention and treatment of various sorts ofailments and medical conditions, hydromorphone may sometimes trigger certainside effects such as fainting, difficulty breathing, difficulty urinating, skinrash, stomach pain, constipation, vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, lightheadednessand dizziness.

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