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Muscle relaxant – Metaxalone

Metaxalone is a certain type of medication which is commonlyused for the relaxation of the muscles. It is commonly a part of the physicaltherapy and it always needs to be accompanied by plenty of rest. Painful sensationsand discomfort commonly treated by metaxalone are usually triggered by sprains,strains and various other types of muscle related injuries. There are alsocases in which this type of medication can be prescribed in other to be usedfor certain other uses as well. Metaxalone comes in the form of a tablet and itneeds to be taken orally. In most cases the doctor prescribes it so that itneeds to be taken three to four times each day. One should always follow thedirections given by the doctor or pharmacist. If anything else, the patientneeds to follow the directions on the prescription label. Taking more or lessMetaxalone than prescribed may trigger certain other medical problems andcomplications. One other important thing that needs to be pointed out is thatMetaxalone should be taken with meals or immediately after meals, because bydoing so, the patient avoids getting the stomach upset by the medicament. In somecases, the patient may experience certain types of side effects when takingMetaxalone after high fat meals. Those who experience such side effects need totake the medication only on an empty stomach or after light meals. The exactdosage is usually determined by the medical condition of the patient and her orhis response to the overall therapy and treatment. Metaxalone is a certain typeof medication which can only be used for short periods of time. In most casesit should not be used for longer than 21 days. In some extreme cases the doctormay prescribe the usage of the medicament for longer periods than that. Thereare certain other important precautions which the patient needs to follow inorder to use the medication safely and get the most health benefits out of it.Metaxalone should never be taken with alcohol because it only adds to the drug’seffect of drowsiness. Metaxalone itself causes drowsiness in some cases so itis of utmost importance not to drive a vehicle or operate any motorizedmachinery while under the influence of the medication. Those who are pregnant,plan on becoming pregnant or are breastfeeding need to inform their doctors andimmediately stop taking Metaxalone because it may have a negative effect on thepregnancy or the mother’s milk. Those who suffer from all different types ofblood disorders, seizures, liver diseases or kidney disease need to tell thatto the doctor before they get prescribed with Metaxalone. It is also veryimportant to notify the doctor if the patient takes any nonprescription orprescription medications especially vitamins, tranquilizers, sedatives, painmedications and drugs used for the treatment of colds, allergies and seizures. Itis also of utmost importance to notify the doctor if the patient is allergic toany known type of drugs or medications. There are cases in which the patientforgets a dose. In those cases, one should take the missed dose as soon aspossible. If it is almost time to take the next dose, the missed dose should beskipped and the regular dosing schedule should be continued from the next doseon. Double doses should never be taken in order to make up for the missed ones.

Side effects of Metaxalone

As is the case with most other types of drugs, medications,herbal remedies and all substances used for the treatment of some ailment ormedical condition, Metaxalone may sometimes be associated with certain types ofside effects. The most common side effects which are usually associated withMetaxalone include nervousness, headache, vomiting, upset stomach, dizziness,drowsiness, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, lightheadedness and sometimes evenblurred vision. These are the side effects which usually occur during the firstfew days because the body takes some time to adjust to the way the medicationworks. One should always inform the doctor if the symptoms persist or even getworse. It is very important to be well aware of the fact that all medicationsare prescribed by doctors because they believe that their benefits are muchgreater than the risk of any side effects. However, there are still certainrare cases in which some severe side effects triggered by Metaxalone may occur.Those side effects may or may not include seizures, unusual weakness, unusualtiredness, unusual bleeding, unusual bruising, yellowing of the eyes, yellowingof the skin, difficulty breathing, severe skin rash and severe allergicreaction. Those types of side effects call for an immediate medical attention.Metaxalone may also interact with certain other types of drugs. In cases ofMetaxalone overdose, one should call the local poison control center.

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