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Information on Mylicon

Mylicon comes from a group of medications called Simethicones and it is primarily used for the treatment and prevention of painful excessive amounts of gas in the intestines and the stomach. It can be purched without a doctor’s prescription.

Since it has been approved for a certain purpose it quickly found a way to be applied for certain other medical conditions. It can be of great help before gastroscopy and before the process of bowel radiography as well. Before using mylicon it is very important that a person consults the doctor in order to determine whether it is safe to use this type of medication.

The patient must inform the doctor of any allergic or other unusual reactions to this medicine or any other type of medicine. All other types of allergies such as food allergies, animal allergies, dye allergies and preservative allergies need to be mentioned in this report. This medication has been tested thoroughly and the test results showed that it is completely safe for use in children when dosed properly. Numerous different types of medications do not get studied in older people as much as they should be tested.

Because of that, sometimes it is unknown whether a medication is safe for use in older people. Some medications can be used at the same time with other types of medications but in most cases certain interactions occur and they can be harmful and dangerous at times. Sometimes, a person needs to stop taking a certain medication, or the dosage of the particular medication needs to be readjusted by the doctor.

Certain medications may also have harmful interactions with specific types of food. Interactions may also take place when a person uses certain types of medications with tobacco or alcohol. The same goes for any herbal remedies, medicines and supplements.

Side Effects

Mylicon does not have any particular common side effects, but that does not mean that side effects cannot occur in some patients. If any side effects do occur, the patient needs to inform the doctor right away.

A person needs to inform a professional health care provider before taking any prescription or over the counter medications if it is associated with a particular regimen or treatment but even in cases when it is not.

Sometimes mylicon can cause certain severe side effects and if these occur one needs to seek immediate medical attention. The side effects include rash, swelling, tightness in the chest, itching, hives and difficulty breathing.

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