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The Importance of Water

Water is one of the basic sources ofour existence. A body is predominantly made of water. Therefore, ourproper hydration is a must, and drinking sufficient water is simply anecessity.

Dehydration can cause many problems, some of which mayeven end up being lethal. For all this reasons it is crucial that onepays attention to his or her water intake at all times, making surehis or her organism is healthy, and able to function properly.

Manifestations of Mild Dehydration

If our organism is not getting enoughwater, and fluid levels in it start to drop, it will let us know.Therefore, before experiencing the harsh effects of dehydration, wewill first be exposed to mild dehydration symptoms. These involvestrong thirst, dry skin, loss of appetite and dry mouth. Later on, ifactual dehydration takes place, the symptoms may involve headaches,nausea, fatigue and mood swings as well. One of the best indicatorsof dehydration, nonetheless, is our own urine. Namely, based on thecolor, we can determine if we have enough water in our organism ornot. The more dark it gets, higher the danger of dehydration it is.Optimal color of our urine should be somewhat like the color of lemonjuice. Therefore, everything darker may indicate mild or seriousdehydration.

Children, due to their level ofself-awareness, present a group most endangered from dehydration.Thus, parents should pay close attention to their child's behavior,and offer the water often, even when they do not ask for it.Moreover, one needs to teach his or her child about the importance ofdrinking water and the optimal quantities, creating a healthy habitin his or her child's everyday activities.

Due to illnesses and different medicalconditions, older people present an endangered group as well. That iswhy they too need to take all the necessary measures to ensure theirproper hydration. Finally, every human organism is unique in its ownwas. Thus, we might experience dehydration differently on anindividual level, making the need of awareness even more crucial.

How to Treat Mild Dehydration?

Logically, you restore the waterbalance in your organism by drinking water. Additionally, fruitconsumption provides vitamins, minerals and fluids through fruitjuices, presenting more than a valuable addition. Therefore, one isto eat lightly but frequently, drink about 2 liters of water a dayand consume fruits regularly. Logically, those who do a lot ofphysical exercise and thus sweat need to increase their water intake.Every individual needs to concentrate upon the optimal 2 liters,drinking more if necessary and enjoying a healthy functioning of hisor her organism.

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