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Facts about Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when you drink less fluids than the amount of fluids you expel from your body. This, of course, can be a bad thing. People need fluids in order to function and, basically, most of our body is made of fluids. Therefore, you need to keep this balance since the outcome of dehydration can vary from being more or less dysfunctional to dying.

Thus, at all times, you need to bear in mind that dehydration is dangerous. Keeping that in mind will inspire you to drink water often and hydrate your body, replenishing your fluid supplies. Alternatively, if you have suffered from a mild form of dehydration, you might add a teaspoon of salt to your glass of water and you will feel much better. Also, know that about 8 glasses of water a day are considered optimal for our body, so base your water intake upon this fact.

Once you experience your urine getting darker, less frequent and smelling more prominently, along with your other problems like dry mouth, dizziness and irritation, know that dehydration has started to affect your organism. Therefore, react by re-establishing the water balance.

Finally, if you happen to have diarrhea or vomit for more than two days, especially if you are troubled by a fever in the process, seek a medical assistance as soon as possible.

Babies are the most endangered group, since they are unable of expressing their desires or describing their problems. Thus, if you notice the above mentioned symptoms, react timely and prevent dehydration from going on.

Which Beverages Stop Dehydration?

Mixing a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of sugar with a pint of water will do the trick. Alternatively, you might make your own electrolyte drink by adding a teaspoon of salt and 3 tablespoons of honey to one liter of water. You might use a non-sweetened juice syrup as well, just make sure no artificial sweeteners are present in it.

Additionally, soups are likely to help greatly, along with flavored gelatin and sodas which you can make more drinkable by stirring them until the fizzy aspect of them is gone.

As far as babies are concerned, breast milk will do the trick, as long as the mothers themselves are careful about their own hydration.

In general, make sure you avoid excessive sun and spend time in areas with a lot of air and adequate moisture. Of course, if you are into physical activities, you spend more water than other people and, thereby, need to increase your intake to compensate for your losses. All in all, be careful and pay attention to the amount of fluids you drink, making sure it is enough for living healthy.

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