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It is Good To Know Yourself

Every person who has more extra pounds than recommended, risks his or her health greatly. There are numerous heart and blood conditions, as well as illnesses being connected with other organs directly triggered by excessive fat in our organism. Therefore, one needs to be informed about the ideal fat levels he or she is supposed to have and be able to calculate. By knowing this, one will know exactly how to work his or her way to an ideal and healthy figure. Many different aspects of life benefit from this state of mind, therefore, only putting a stronger emphasis on the necessity of knowing and controlling your body fat levels.

Fat Percentage Importance in Weight Control

People who desire to loose body weight may be confused since sometimes, even after exercising heavily and persistently their weight scale shows the same amount of weight. Namely, although one's overall physical mass has not been changed, muscle and fat levels have. By calculating his or her fat levels, one may notice that muscle mass has increased significantly while fat levels have went down quite the same way. This makes one aware of the progress body weight simply cannot show. The same goes for those who want to increase their body weight. They may control fat levels while boosting their muscle mass, knowing exactly how the process advances.

Fat Percentage Information Valuable in Everyday Life

After the age of 20, our metabolism starts to slow down unless we do something about it. Subsequently, even when we are extremely careful about what we eat, we still have more fat than healthy tissue. Again, here comes the importance of fat percentage awareness. If you know how to control your fat levels, you will know how to perceive their alterations throughout life. Therefore, if the fat in your organism increases drastically, compared to your muscles, you will know it is time to take some physical action in order to balance it.

Professional Importance

People who do sports for life or simply those who take sports serious enough, need to take care of their body in order to achieve the best results possible. Having that said, excessive fat is forbidden, to say the least. Muscles are all, while fat should be decreased to the very minimum. Athletes and other people doing sports actively, are aware of this and control their body fat all of the time in order to prevent injuries and show maximal results in what they do.

Finally, the very optimal levels differ regarding age and sex. Therefore, know that women before being 30 years old have their optimal fat levels from 14 to 21 percent, while men from 9 to 15 percent. Later, when being from 30 to 50 years old these levels go from 15 to 23 percent for females, while males need to keep their fat levels between 11 and 17 percent. At old age, after being 50 years old, males should not less than 12 and not more than 19 percent of body fat, while females should keep their levels between 16 and 25 percent.

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