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What is a midlife crisis?Midlife crisis is a relatively new phenomenon, first described in 1965, in Elliot Jaquetes book Western societies. This term is used to describe a dramatic period in men’s (and women’s) life marked by extreme self-doubt, change of behavior and trouble to accept passing of the life, youth and imminence of old age. In most of the cases, people suffering midlife crisis will express an extreme desire to make crucial changes in their everyday life, career, marriage or romantic relationships. Sometimes, the unusual twist is triggered by normal life’s transitions such as death of parents, unemployment, children leaving home, or negative evaluation of life’s accomplishments.

Symptoms of midlife crisis in men

Almost all men going through the midlife crisis express the same symptoms. They suddenly start acting as youngsters, they spend a lot of money on luxury stuff they don’t really need, and they suddenly get bored by their normal everyday life.

Most of the men will experience extreme boredom once they notice that many of their dreams have gone or remained unfulfilled. The feeling of sadness disturbs their normal living, and things they used to enjoy until recently now provoke only restlessness or apathy. Men who were more ambitious may react this way because they feel they have accomplished so many career goals, and now it seems like there is nothing else to do.

Most of the men going through a midlife crisis will start thinking about having an affair. It seems like the men are easily drawn into the affair when their wives fail to understand their need for changes. It seems like this goes along with having a little interest in spending time or having intimate relationships with martial partners.

Men affected by the midlife crisis will suddenly start making impulsive decisions about career or finances. They may start buying new expensive cars, without even thinking about the mortgage, taxes, or other much more important expenses. They may easily quit their job to enjoy the freedom and try to make up for all the things they let slip by in youth. They may also start drinking too much or enjoying recreational drugs.

In the same manner they will start making drastic changes in the personal appearance, spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, starting to use all kinds of self-care products or even to think about corrective cosmetic procedures. This kind of increased vanity is often a sign that a man is having an extramarital love affair.

At the end, the men aren’t happy in their midlife crisis, and most of them exhibit signs of depression. They may also be very nostalgic, pondering about what would happen if they made different decisions in the past.

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