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How to overcome a confidence crisis

There are plenty of factors that may induce a confidence crisis. Getting a new job, moving to a new city, starting a new business and starting a new relationship are some of the factors that can influence someone's confidence. Apart from these, a person's confidence can get into a crisis with some losses as well. For instance a loss of a relationship or a job or of a dream that is never going to happen.

Smaller matters like a bad haircut or missing a deadline can also shake a person's confidence. A lot of people do not know that the food they eat has an effect on their confidence. People need to intake confidence causing foods.

It is also important that a person does not despair when he or she experiences a crisis. In those situations a person should never reach for the bottle but use some confidence boosting techniques instead. A person should start slowly and then gradually add more techniques in time.

Things to do when in a crisis

Keep a journalThis is an excellent thing to do when a person is in a crisis because by doing so he or she will be able to process and clarify the feelings. It is also good because of the daily reflections.

Show gratitudeIt is important that a person starts to appreciate what he or she has already got. A person can even have a gratitude section in his or her journal. In order to boost the confidence a person should write five things he or she is thankful for every day.

Use affirmationsA person should not be embarrassed because affirmations work. A person should make a list of statements and repeat them to himself or herself every day. Some people do it in front of a mirror.

Evaluate your relationshipsEvery person should do this. It is important that the partner supports the person and not sabotage him or her. If the relationship is no longer bringing joy, perhaps it is best to split ways.

Get into a good groupWhen a person loses confidence it is sometimes best to talk it over with a couple of best friends because they will give support.

Change your behaviorA person should know what are the things that better his or her confidence and what brings it down. Exercises, enough sleeping hours, telling what is on their mind and wearing good clothes are the things that are good for a person's confidence.

Speak upIt is of great importance that a person does this in all situations.

Take a risk dayA lot of people agree that taking risks can boost confidence so a person should have a day when he or she would do things where the outcome is uncertain.

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