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Anxiety is a particular state of both body and mind which is characterized by Somatic, emotional, cognitive and behavioral components. In most cases it is the stress that causes anxiety to occur in which case a person will experience feelings like fear, worry, uneasiness and even dread. Lots of experts agree that anxiety is a natural reaction to stressor. In various cases anxiety becomes quite excessive in which case it becomes an anxiety disorder. The intensity behind anxiety and reasoning as well will determine whether it is considered to be a normal or an abnormal reaction.

Not a lot of men will admit that they suffer from performance anxiety but the truth is that a lot of men actually do suffer from it. A person may experience sexual dysfunction and anxiety which may lead to the end of a relationship in a majority of cases. A lot of men who suffer from performance anxiety often suffer from depression, low self esteem and may even get to the point where they suffer from psychological erectile dysfunction. In most cases it is the men between the age of 30 and 40 who suffer from performance anxiety. More than 30 million people in America suffer from impotence and 86% of men do not last for more than 3 minutes in sex.


In most cases a person starts to suffer from performance anxiety the moment he starts asking himself certain questions like did she enjoy it as much as she said she did or did she fake her orgasm. Other common thoughts that men have on their mind are whether she reached her orgasm, is the penis big enough, did he last for long enough and whether a person will be able to get an erection.


In most cases the obvious sign is when men withdraws from any contact or intimacy that may lead to sex. In a lot of cases the man is not even aware that he is withdrawing. Mild depression is also a sign. These depressions usually occur when a person finds out that his female partner is wondering whether he still loves them or is he having an affair because of the withdrawal from intimacy.

A lot of men are not aware that most performance anxiety caused impotence is psychological and that it can be treated quite easily. However, a majority of men never looks for help because they are too embarrassed. There are certain penis exercise programs that will help a person regain his self esteem. These exercises do not last for more than 8 minutes and they are supposed to increase penis size, improve ejaculation control and help overcome impotence among other things.

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