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Hair removal is one of the many cosmetic procedures that make the body look nicer. As the name already suggests, hair removal is a process or eliminating the excessive hairs from the skin, while leaving the skin smooth and soft. The hair is made of a hard protein known as keratin. This material is also a key compound in the structure of nails. The hair grows beneath the surface of the skin, having a root inside of a hair follicle. By using a razor, an individual removes only the tip of the hair but the large part of the hair actually stays in and may emerge to the surface in no more than a couple of hours. Choosing a good hair removal product is, therefore, very important for good looks. This article provides a brief review of some of the hair removal products.

No! No! Hair Removal System

This is a quick, pain free, professional and long term hair removal system. It is very safe to use on all skin types and for all hair colors. No!no! Hair removal system uses a Thermicon technology which is based on the same principles as laser hair removal but it doesn’t use any light. This system is based on heat and emits a pulse of heat that travels down to the root of the hair follicle preventing the future hair growth. Most of the people use this system for a couple of times per year. The device is quick and very easy to operate.

Rio Scanning Laser

This is another permanent hair removal system designed especially for home use. Unlike the no! no! system, this one works by sending a laser beam underneath the skin, down to the hair follicle. The apparatus should destroy the root while keeping the rest of the tissue unaffected. It usually takes a couple of sessions before the hairs are completely removed. However, it is not recommended to use on eyebrows.

Ultra Hair Away

This is a hair inhibitor that stops the unwanted hair growth through the enzyme technology. This is a site specific product that affects only the area one chooses and it is equally suitable for both men and women. This topical solution is made from 100% organic exotic plant enzymes and it comes in a spray bottle. It is easy to use since all that one has to do is to spray it and let it work. According to the test study, it takes a couple of weeks before the hairs completely go away. However, they will become thinner during the weeks of application. It works in all parts of the body.

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