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The pancreas is responsible for the production ofinsulin, which monitors the proper use of food and especially sugar. Patientssuffering from diabetes cannot produce sugar, or it is misused by insulin.Diabetes comes in two forms. The one is non-insulin-dependent, and can betreated by medications, like Metformin and chlorpropamide, and a certain changein nutrition. While this type needs occasional injections, theinsulin-dependent will demand taking injections during entire life. The insulinis produced from pork and beef pancreas. It is very safe to use this animalbased insulin. But in some cases there were certain allergic reactions. Thispancreas has the same structure as human’s, but you can also takesemi-synthetic product, made from human insulin. The animal insulin can last upuntil 60 minutes and start to work in 30-60 minutes. Also, there can bevarieties, made to fit the patient. For example, a mix of a protamine and zincin a combination with insulin will give a lasting period of 36 hours. But itstarts to work after 4 to 6 hours.

Before taking the Humulin, there are severalsteps you need to do. The first thing you should do with any medication is toread the instructions. Try to follow these instructions meticulously. Next, usealcohol to clear the syringe first. Remember to use the prescribed dose and use everything from theinjection. Also, do not inject on the same spot as previous one. The distanceshould be no less than half an inch. Insulin has to be kept in cool places,such as refrigerator (not the freezer), and dark locations. It shouldn't beexposed to the direct sunlight. Your doctor will need to know if you havemissed a dose. Although we stated that insulin must be kept cold, there aremany diverse types of insulin. So try to read the label and instruction on howand where to preserve it. Certain types can spend 48 hours out of therefrigerator. Be careful not to accidentally mix insulin and some other fluid.

There are several possible complications aftertaking Humulin. They are rare, but they demand attention. Some serious sideeffects are decreased blood pressure, whole body rash, wheezing, shallowbreathing, short breath, increased pulse rate and perspiration. Mild cases showcertain redness or inching and swelling of the injection area. If blood sugaris low, due to the drug, sugar should be consumed to bring balance. Thisusually occurs when alcohol or drugs are consumed, when there is excessive useof insulin, skipping meals, too much activity, and infection. When you have lowblood sugar you will experience headache, hunger, blurred vision, anxiety,nausea, nervousness, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, sweating and many more.Always seek medical attention if the effects are remaining. Even coma anddisorientation can happen is such serious cases. There is a possibility ofinsufficient insulin intake. In these cases, patient will experience flushing,problems with appetite and breathing, thirst, increased pulse and drowsiness.Ketones in urine can lead to death, so any illness has to be reported to thedoctor.

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