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Introduction to bunions A bunion is a condition in which the bone of the big toe protrudes due to an overgrowth. When this occurs, it is quite and unsightly phenomenon, since the big toe begins to bend towards the other toes of the foot.

This condition results in an increased amount of pressure being put on the toe, which makes common activities such as walking very painful.

Bunions usually occur when a person is not wearing proper footwear for a long period of time, typically, women who wear high heels a lot are prone to having bunions.

For some people the condition is hereditary.

Even though the only real way to get rid of the bunion is to have it removed surgically, many people do not want to go under the knife. For these people, there are home remedies that can be used to get rid of bunions.

Home remedies

People who have bunions will usually be experiencing a lot of pain when walking. There, it is advised to take some painkillers in order to relieve these symptoms.

However, no one should become accustomed to pain killers, and therefore should be trying more healthy and natural remedies for getting rid of the pain.

It is a good idea to apply ice packs to the bunions in order to get rid of the pain and swelling. However, it is important not to keep the ice on the foot for more than 1 5 minutes at a time.

People should apply ice to the foot for 15 minute stretches several times each day in order to reduce pain.

However, people who have diabetes and circulation issues should not use ice on their bunions.

Epsom salt is another good remedy. It is a good idea to fill a tub with warm water and then pour some Epsom salt into it.

This remedy is a great way to relieve the pain of a bunion and it will also bring down the swelling.

A person can also use a splint and place it between the big toe and second toe while they are sleeping. It is also important to keep the big toe straight in order to relieve the pain. Splints have been known to improve the alignment of the toes when used for a longer period of time.

It is also important to wear shoes and sneakers that are comfortable and fit the foot well. Running shoes are best because they have more room for the toes and also provide a soft cushion for the toes. It is best to be barefoot when at home, because the foot must breathe in order to heal.

A good exercise is to stand straight on the feet and stretch the heels, holding the position for 10 seconds.

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