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Sleep is hardly a problem in the first trimester of pregnancy if you could, you would be sleeping all day long! But as you enter the second trimester, sleep becomes more and more difficult, for several reasons. Not only does your growing baby bump make it hard for you to find sleeping positions that are comfortable, but frequent bathroom trips to the bathroom, heartburn and insomnia also make sleep a thing of the past.

What are the most comfortable positions to sleep in while you are in your second and third trimesters? What positions will actually allow you to close your eyes and fall asleep?

Let me give you a warning before going on to write about sleeping positions themselves. No one sleeping position works for every pregnant woman, and what was comfortable for you before will no longer be comfortable. In fact, even after lots of experimenting with sleeping positions, it is entirely possible that you will still not be able to find a comfortable sleeping position; just one that is the least uncomfortable.

With that in mind, here are some sleeping positions for you to try.

1) If you are experiencing a lot of heartburn, propping your lower body up with some pillows or blankets can offer relief. This helped me enormously in pregnancy, but unfortunately I can't really sleep on my back with my head up. It is definitely something to try though.

2) Crawling up into fetal position. Somehow, this was the most comfortable position for me. Perhaps, it will work for you as well!

3) Most experts recommend sleeping on your side in the third trimester, because this allows blood circulation around your body. If it is uncomfortable, perhaps a whole-body pregnancy pillow will help. These cost a bit of money but might just save you from sleepless nights.

Are there any particular sleeping positions to avoid, then? I'm not going to tell you not to try to sleep on your stomach, because you won't be doing that anyway. It's far too uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back is not advised because your uterus will put pressure on your other internal organs if you do this.

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