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A lot of people are not aware that it is very important to know the metabolic type in order to be able to know what foods are right for a person to consume. People who want to lose weight and consume the foods that are not right for their metabolic type may not achieve the wanted results. Eating the wrong foods may be counterproductive.

The reason why some diet plans work better for some people is because of the metabolic type and the fact that not all food is good for everyone. Before going on a diet a person should first get to know his or her metabolic type.

Metabolic types

Experts have divided the metabolic types into three groups. These types are Protein type, Carbo type and Mixed type. In order to know what metabolic type he or she is a person needs to go through blood or urine tests or simply complete a questionnaire.

Protein types

People who are of this metabolic type convert food to energy very fast. People of protein type cannot go on low calorie diets since they have bog appetites and crave for fatty foods. A person who is a protein type usually loves food and that is another reason why he or she cannot go on a low calorie diet. Because of the huge appetite these people cannot be satisfied with snacks or small meals. A protein type person should not consume a lot of carbs because he or she might get irritable or feel a strong need for sugar. The metabolism is a lot faster with these people and that is another reason why they eat a lot.

Carbo types

People who are carbo types turn food into energy a lot slower and have a smaller appetite than protein types. These people also enjoy a lot of caffeine. The metabolism with this type is endangered because these people are very focused on their work and goals which does not allow them to eat regularly.

A proper diet for this type is one that has more carbs. However, that does not mean that they should avoid eating proteins but they should eat somewhat lighter proteins like fish or poultry.

Mixed types

This type is average in both turning food into energy and appetite and that is why it is more difficult for them to manage their weight.

A person who wishes to lose weight first must know what type he or she is and then follow a proper diet plan. For instance, protein types should eat more protein, fats and oil but lesser carbs.

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