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How to diet like a caveman

With the modern industry the land is able to give more food now than it was the case many years ago. Less crops are lost to drought and diseases. Even the livestock is providing more food because the animals are larger and they do not succumb to diseases that easily nowadays.

A lot of food products nowadays can last for a really long time. In addition to this, food is easily prepared as well. Foods in cans and those that are dried can remain good and fresh for even a period of a few years.

Thanks to all these benefits and advantages modern people now have, a person would think that they would be healthier and better fed than ever before. However, the truth is that it is not quite so. Not so many people are hungry nowadays but the humanity now faces a problem with obesity and diabetes. More and more people are dying from a heart attack in the United States because people tend to overeat and consume the wrong foods.

If more people got interested in the way the ancestors ate, there would not be so many problems with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Experts also think that by doing so a person can reduce the chance of getting some types of cancer. There are lots of names for this type of diet like Hunter-Gatherer diet, Paleolithic diet and the Caveman diet.

The Caveman diet

Just like the name says, a person who decides to follow this diet is supposed to eat like the ancestors did. That means that he or she is supposed to eat like people ate before the introduction of farming, ranching and even agriculture. Back in the days, a person would eat what he or she killed or picked up. However, nowadays that is hardly possible. This diet includes all types of meat. Fruits and vegetables in it can be eaten without cooking. However, a person will need to avoid the intake of processed foods, added sugars, dairy products and too much salt. Specific items to avoid
Grains like bread, pasta and noodles should not be eaten. Other things that should be avoided are string beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts, snow-peas and peas. Apart from these, a person should not eat potatoes, dairy products, added sugars, salts and canola oil.

Foods to eat

In this diet a person can consume beef, poultry, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, honey and olive oil.

Since this diet is a lot different from all the others a person will need time to get used to it. Because of this it is recommended to start with one meal of this diet per day and then gradually switch to all three meals.

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