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Massage chairs provide relief of low back pain and arthritis

Arthritis and Back Pain

Pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can interrupt your daily routine. The back's functionality is essential for being mobile, with low back pain severely hampering movement.

Though originally considered a rare ailment, arthritis targets several millions yearly, with varying effects between different individuals. The pain experienced in the lower back is universal to all sufferers, and it can influence how mobile they are. Arthritis is characterized by the muscles and joints being stiff, and can be treated with exercise, massage chair therapy, and physical therapy.

Arthritis is not only symptomatic for older persons. Persons in their early 40s are sometimes known to have arthritis. Arthritis in the lower lumbar spine is a frequent problem that hampers the mobility of a large number of its sufferers. People suffering from obesity or that are prone to heavy labor and lifting are more likely to obtain lumbar spine arthritis. This form of arthritis involves creating stiff movement of the cervical disk that the spinal column in made of, causing pain. The muscle and soft tissues become difficult to bend. Spinal stenosis and disc degeneration have been tied to lumbar spine arthritis. Lumbar arthritis can also lead to the creation of bone spurs, which can cause tissue inflammation as the joints move.

Treating Arthritis and Massage Chair Usage

Treating arthritis of the lumbar spine is dependent on how severe the conditions are. Physical therapy can become problematic due to intense pain. Soft tissue needs to be flexed to combat the stiffness, and bending, kneading or stretching is needed to regain flexibility in the soft tissues parts. In case the inflammation becomes too severe, anti-inflammatory medication can be utilized, with surgery only considered once all other options have failed. Some methods deemed more natural can be used by chiropractors, such as warming up the patients in massage chairs before any adjusting of the spine.

Chiropractors and doctors of osteopathic medicine utilize massage chairs to aid patients in recovery, as well as building up routines, with flexibility being paramount. This routine can consist of dietary changes and exercise. It is critical to maintain consistency and determination is required to go through the initial stages of therapy. Massage chairs, though beneficial, should only be used in consultation with a doctor when treating symptoms of arthritis. Stretching, the application of heat and music therapy can all be delivered by massage chair, and the chairs can provide targeted relief.

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