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Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia

Massagechairs are used by many people to treat the effects of fibromyalgia and polymyalgia, which cause pain in the joints and muscles areas (polymyalgia) andstiffness in the ligaments and tendons (fibromyalgia). While both conditionscan cause stiffness and pain, one deals with pain in muscles and joints, theother with pain in the ligaments and tendons. In the case of either occurring,they both cause muscle tension and stiffness. A variety of chiropractic doctorsutilize massage chairs as the treatment of choice.

Massage Chair Treatment of Fibromyalgia andPolymyalgia

Fibromyalgiais more painful, and causes fatigue aswell as tendons and ligament brittleness. Due to their size, the pain can becomesevere. Fibromyalgia symptoms can befound in many different parts the body. Other noteworthy symptoms includespasms and a burning sensation.

Polymyalgiais a rheumatic disorder and it is usually related to people of old age, predominantlythose of Northern European descent. Polymyalgia mostly occurs with women. As the joints becomestiff, performing even basic tasks starts being difficult.

Naturalmethods like massage therapy strive to restore muscle flexibility. Both stretchingand massage therapy can assist in restoring flexibility in the joints. Massagechairs are utilized to deliver these types of therapies to help people withthese conditions, as relief from pain and discomfort can be very beneficial tothe patient's positive mind-frame.

Ifsuffering from both fibromyalgia and polymyalgia, restoring flexibility to thejoints muscles tendons and ligaments is critical. When attempting to stretchstiff muscles, initial pain and discomfort is expected and should be ignored toachieve the return of flexibility in these areas.

The basics involve building up a routine, and getting it going. The routine needs to besustained, and more importantly one has to aim to restore the flexibility step by step. Amassage chair can therefore be very beneficial to the recovery process, as itis always available irrespective of circumstances. It can be used as soon as the symptoms flare up, by utilizing the chair to apply massage therapy to thatspecific location or others where needed. The day should begin with lightstretching, which assist the major muscles which are stiff. Performing light exercises builds endurance and strength, and thenthe massage chair therapy can rejuvenate the muscles and joints.

These twoconditions are very bothersome with a continuousdull feeling of pain and stiffness that is difficult to bear. Considering that researchis preliminary, there is no current cure. As soon as one exhibits symptoms such as muscles getting stiff and startingto ache, it is suggested to use a massage chair. Selecting the perfect massagetechnique and isolating the problematic spots is important, as focusing canpenetrate the rough areas and get control back over one's routine. One of thehardest feats with massage chair therapy is overcoming the initial discomfortand stiffness.

Beforestarting any new routines it is advised to consult a health care provider,disclosing information such as diet, exercise, stretching, and massage chairtherapy.

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