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Oops, I Forgot

There are times when we seem to forgetor mismatch every single thing. During these times, we are likely toforget our keys in the car after locking the door, fail to rememberimportant instructions we were given, leave the oven on, throw thewrong bag in the garbage, forget to empty our pockets before washingour clothes etc.

These happen every now and then. Whenthey do happen, we need to develop good tactics for bypassing thesewithout making any mistakes which we could regret later. There areseveral reinforcement techniques which may prove to come in handy ingray situations like the ones mentioned above, as well as many other,similar ones.

Techniques for Boosting Awareness andMemory

Many people, regardless of their age,tend to forget names of other people quite quickly. However, this canbe bad, especially when their work depends on knowing everyone in thecompany and dealing with their names a lot. Therefore, it is good tocreate a list of all the names you need to remember, alphabetically,and do revisions until they stick to you and your memory. Assign themto mental images of the people these names belong to sincevisualization can help a lot too.

In general, our memory is bound to getworse as the years go by, unless we take some steps in order tobetter it. So, be aware of your need for memory exercises and beprepared to perform them on a daily basis. Stay positive and knowthat you can take hold of your memory instead of getting even morepassive, letting thoughts and information pass you by.

Make lists, reminders and other usefulthings which will keep you on track with your obligations. All thetechnology we are surrounded with is more than enough to get yougoing. Use the planners in your cell phone and on the computer, sincethis is what these are made for.

Also, use the old fashioned stickymessages for yourself when you think you might forget something.

Finally, there are many books andguides on boosting your memory you might find a good and useful read.Do not forget to explore since you never know which technique willprove to be best for your purposes. Stay sharp, exercise your brainby exposing it to a lot of data consciously and manage to keep trackof all the necessary information regardless if you are a teenager ora retired person.

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