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We all sometimes have problems to remember someone's telephone number, but when we become older, this and similar problems will occur more frequently. Older people have difficulties when it comes to remembering different things, such as phone numbers, faces, names and other. This memory issue is something that is recognized in nearly all old people, but there are ways to improve your memory. Experts claim that there are techniques that are easy to follow through and that can significantly increase the memory.
Human brain
First, we have to say something about our brain in order to understand the whole concept of memory better. Brain is a very complicated organ and we could write about it for hours, but here we will mention only those things that are essential for our memory issue. Therefore, we have to mention four different brainwaves: alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. Alpha waves are present during relaxation, beta waves are present when we are mentally active, theta during daydreaming or working something repetitive, and while we are firmly sleeping, there are delta waves. This is important for memory because these waves can bring up certain reactions in people that are essential for memory increasing techniques.
What does the theory say?
All scientists agree that you must be very motivated to learn something in order to remember it. If some information is extremely important for you, your brain will memorize it very fast. This is why you have to find some importance to the particular subject that you want to remember. When we want to learn something, we must have positive attitude towards that something, and we have to believe that it is important because otherwise we will learn it on a short-term basis and facts that we learned will be forgotten after a while.
Associations are extremely important when it comes to learning. For example, if you hear the word orange, you will think of a fruit that has a specific shape and taste. You definitely won't think of a train when you say an orange. This can be put in service very easily. If you wish to get up at some specific time, you can just picture a clock with the time that you want to wake up at and, believe it or not you, will wake up then. You must be creative when it comes to making these associations because sometimes it can be hard to associate some things. Not only is it allowed to be creative, but also you can even be silly when making your associations. When it comes to large numbers, you can break them in groups of three numbers and use associations to remember them. That way, you will find it easier to memorize these kinds of things.

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