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Every human being is a work of art in creation. This genesis of ourselves starts from the moment we are born and is shaped throughout our existence. Basically, we are strongly defined by our characteristics which are heavily influenced by our lifestyles, our lines of work, our friends and the part of society we belong to, our financial situation, our preferences and various other factors. As we live, we explore and change perpetually, only to get a bit closer to whatever we consider perfection and improvement. Moreover, we never stop doing this and death is the limit of our transcendence in this world. Therefore, as long as we exist, we strive for more.

As You Transcend...

Keep in mind that, during your struggle to achieve bliss in life, you need to be aware of certain guidelines which will grant you true happiness and fulfillment.

Do not indulge into anything excessively. Moderation is the key, so make sure that you are moderate in eating, drinking, playing, resting, socializing etc. Live an organized life. This will keep you prepared for any unwanted surprises and will help you schedule and reschedule your timetable, adjusting to the changes without stress and frustrations.

Be realistic and not too much material

Next, be realistic and never bite more than you can chew. Nobody is capable of everything. Yet, we all excel at something. Be aware of your capabilities and stay within your reasonable limits.

Naturally, or unnaturally, we all need money in order to survive. However, let the money be the secondary thing in your life. Rather, focus on loving and enjoying what you do and you will be doing what you love. Sooner or later, money will come to the picture too. Do not get caught up in the material waves which dictate obsessions about the latest cars, cell phones and all the other stuff you do not really need since your current gadgets are working just fine.

As for the money, pay all your bills on time so that you do not worry about them excessively. Do not loan money unless you absolutely need to. Rather, make ends meet with what you truly possess.

A Few More for the Road...

Sleep is health. Thus, make sure you are healthy by sleeping at least 8 hours a day. While you are awake, focus your thoughts on positive matters which promote your happiness and well-being. Believe in the spiritual since it is the gate to your own inner self. Do not follow leaders or fixed patterns. Rather, look inside you and get to know yourself well.

Choose comfort over fashion, cook for yourself and learn new recipes at all times, feeding yourself with nothing but healthy food, exercise regularly and stay physically active and pay your doctor a visit every now and then, for a regular checkup.


Finally, stay in touch with people and socialize, create your own garden where you can cultivate life and be one with the nature, be honest and sincere, raising above the flaws of humanity, learn more about the world around you, do not take anything too seriously and concentrate on living every moment of your life to the fullest. Enjoy.

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