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It is a very well known fact that there is not a single person in this world who does not comprehend the need and the significance of clean and healthy water. Given the fact that, for the greatest part, we are made of water (70%), it is no wonder that our biological functions such as circulation, absorption, digestion and excretion heavily rely on water, and cannot be performed without it. In addition, water is essential when it comes to blood, healthy skin, muscles and lymphatic system. Taking in of this miraculous liquid in proper amounts and on regular basis aids a person in keeping the health on a high level, as well as in battling off some oncoming disease or illness. According to the opinion of the experts, in order to benefit from it, a person should drink at least a liter of water every day. In this way, we aid our skin in preserving its health and desirable outlook. Also this makes it much easier for the kidneys, bowels and circulation to keep on functioning in a most satisfactory manner.

What have numerous research studies on water revealed and proved is that, by nature, the liquid in question is paramagnetic, i.e. it is endowed with a magnetic charge. This process takes place in those substances whose individual atoms, ions and molecules are endowed with a permanent magnetic dipole moment. Given the fact that water is also endowed with this dipole moment, it can be said that it is subject to paramagnetism. Pursuant to this, as well as to numerous other evidence gathered fairly recently, it can be claimed that it is possible to make structured/ionised/magnetized water by way of using magnets.

Longish history

What we encounter in our everyday lives, among other things, are also magnets whose promotion due to their potential to embetter the overall quality of water, as well as its benefits, has taken an upwards direction, especially in the last decade or so. In addition, once the water begins to be magnetically treated, this results in formation of greater quantities of hydroxyl ions, which are necessary for the emergence of alkaline molecules, known to have the ability to decrease acidity. But, perhaps the most important discovery made by way of the research studies conducted so far is that there exist ways of regenerating water and bringing it back to its initial healthy state.

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