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Lymphoma is a malign tumor of lymphocytes (type of leukocytes), which can happen in different levels of the growth and development of those cells. Because of that, there are several different forms of tumors that might emerge. Lymphoma usually presents 3 to 6 percent of all malign tumors. They usually appear first in lymphatic nodes and the problem is that they can spread from that location through the entire body. They can appear in some organs other than lymphatic nodes, but that happens really rarely. In the beginning, the tumor does not affect the bone marrow, but later on, it gets affected, too.


All the lymphoma are divided into several types, including Hodgkin lymphoma and non Hodgkin lymphoma (shortly HL and NHL). HL is a malign condition of lymphatic tissue characterized by the growth of RC cells (Reed-Sternberg cells). This leads to progressive growth of lymphatic nodes. Lymphoma rate when it comes to affecting men is at 3.3 percent, while it is 2.6 percent for women. Most commonly, men that get affected are in the age group of 28 to 60. As for the factors that induce lymphoma, they are still a bit unknown, but it is known that hereditary risk is almost not important when it comes to this condition.

A large number of studies have been performed and it showed that social and economic aspects are important when it comes to the etiology of lymphoma. It seems that wealthy people get more affected, although the exact reason is still unknown, and risk is also increased when it comes to young people. Depending on the level of HL, different lymphatic areas and glands can be affected and also extra nodal areas are at risk. Depending on pathohistological type of HL, course of the tumor can be different; it can last for a long time. Important prognostic factors are clinical level of the condition, age, gender, presence of tumor mass, while pathohistological type is not that essential here. Since, the cell immune system is at a low level in people who suffer from LH, additional conditions might emerge (tuberculosis, for example)

Non Hodgkin lymphoma – this condition happens more in people who suffer from AIDS, for example, or some auto immune disease, and if there is some inherited immunity medical issue present.

Lymphoma survival rate depends on several things, when the condition was discovered, whether metastasis is present, if the spleen is affected etc. Generally, this is a very serious condition treated with chemotherapy and a lot of medicaments.

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