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Lower abdominal cramps

Cramps in the lower abdomen are usually connected with pregnancy. They may occur because the uterus is preparing for the baby or because of the hormonal changes. Cramps may also trick women into thinking that the period has come a little bit early. Women must be careful with cramps, especially if there is pain in the lower abdomen involved. If that is the case, there may be some problems with the pregnancy. During the pregnancy, women may experience lower back pain as well.

Onset comes first and it can be gradual or sudden. The second concern is the type of pain. Type of pain can be changeless or it can be a spasm. The third and the last is the location. The pain can be either localized or spread out. A person should check the temperature for fever even though it is not a symptom. However, loss of appetite, diarrhea and constipation may be present.

The problem can be diagnosed properly only through the symptoms. Depending on the side of the abdomen which is in pain, it can be several different things. For instance, if the pain is in the lower abdomen of a woman that probably means it is the cramps caused by her menstrual cycle. Cramps may occur because of the gas or acidity as well. Sometimes, the pain can even occur in a different place and start from there, like the chest for instance.

Some patients may experience problems when they try to straighten the spine. This is caused by lower back muscles being in spasm. The gut is usually affected by the irritable bowel syndrome. Studies have shown that 15 people out of 100 experience this problem at least once in their life.

In order to lessen the pain caused by cramps, people can put a heat pad on their lower abdomen. Of course, the pad must not be too hot or it will only cause more problems. Drugs like ibuprofen and NSAIDS should not be taken during pregnancy. The only drugs allowed are the ones the doctor prescribes. It is important to eat properly as well because hormonal changes significantly affect the process of digestion. Lots of water should be drunk because it will help a lot if a person wants to avoid constipation.

Home remedies for lower abdominal cramps

Ginger root tea is an excellent helper in a fight against lower abdominal cramps. Two cups per day will make a difference at the end of the week. When a person has stomachache, he or she can just have a cup of tea without sugar or milk in the morning. The pain will not be there by the end of the day.

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