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Abdominal Spasms

Abdominal spasms can cause someproblem but they can be treated easily. First you will have to find theexact cause of the problem in order to conduct a treatment. If you do this, youwill eliminate the problem and avoid further aggravation. Children and adults,both women and men, can be affected by this problem, which can be caused bynearly hundred causes. Abdominal muscles can contract involuntarily, which isthe prime reason why they occur. This can cause pain, which can be long-term orshort-term. Stretched or strained muscle is another possible cause of theinvoluntary contraction of the muscles, but there may be more serious causes,such as those that are related to the appendix, pancreas, large intestine,small intestine, liver, or some other organ in that area. Upper abdominalcavity organs can suffer from certain disorder, which will manifest through aspasm in the upper abdominal area. Disorders of the lower abdominal organ canbe detected by lower abdominal cramps and pain.


Cholecystitis, lactoseintolerance, and spleen problems are some of the possible causes of abdominalspasms. Also, kidney stones, diverticulitis, gallstones and Crohn's disease canbe blamed for the problem. Abdominal spasms can be caused by alcoholicliver disease, gastritis, tumors and hiatal hernia. Cramps and pain in theabdomen area can be caused by stress, hormonal changes and uterus's shapechange during pregnancy. Spasms in question can be caused by ectopic pregnancy,labor pain or even miscarriage.

Though rarely, the abdominalmigraine can cause abdominal spasms. This condition mostly affects childrenranging from 5 to 9 years of age. Viral or bacterial infections can cause foodpoisoning, leptospirosis, cholera, jaundice or typhoid, which will lead to theabdominal spasms. Another possible cause is diarrhea, and it can affect adultsand children. Old people and children can suffer from abdominal spasms due tothe constipation.

Possible causes of the abdominalspasms among women are fibroids and ovarian cyst. Additional causes arepancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers and celiac disease.Abdominal spasm can be caused by urinary tract infection of food allergy. Also,if a person performs exercises which are not for his or her level of bodyfitness, it can lead to abdominal spasms. They can be caused by weight liftingwhich is not performed in the right manner, or by over exercising.

As you can see, a very largenumber of reasons can cause abdominal spasms. If abdominal spasms appear onregular basis, you have to visit a doctor, who will make a proper diagnosis andconduct a roper treatment. If these spasms are appearing for the first time,you can use ginger root tea, which will bring some relief.

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