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Oxalates and calcium are the main components of almost 80%of kidney stones. Therefore, people prone to kidney stones, and those with thefamily history of oxalate kidney stones are advised to lower the amount ofoxalates they are taking with their food, in order to prevent kidney problems.

Some products contain more oxalates than the other. Milk and dairyproducts, meat, sweets and even some fruits and vegetables are very low inoxalates and can be safely used.

Oxalate diet comprises of proper hydration and food low inoxalates. As calcium is the other component of kidney stones, patients areadvised to limit the amount of food rich in this mineral.

Dairy Products in Low Oxalate Menu

Milk, nonfat yogurt, buttermilk and cheese are very low inoxalates, and people concerned about their kidneys can eat these productswithout worries. However, because these products contain calcium, it’s best totake them in moderate amounts.

Allowed Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits advised forpeople worried about kidney stones are: plums, grapes, apples (peeled), butalso cantaloupe and watermelon. Papaya and mangoes are also on the list ofallowed fruits.

Some vegetables contain low amounts of oxalates. If you are experiencingsome kidney-related problems, nutritionists advise using: zucchini squash,white cabbage, peeled cucumber or frozen green peas. Alfalfa sprouts, found in bettersupermarkets or healthy food stores are also recommended vegetables. Try tostay away from: green peas, spinach,kale or potatoes, because these vegetables are proven to cause recurrence ofkidney stones in some patients.

Low Oxalate Meat Products

Low oxalate menu may include lean chicken and pork, turkeyand lamb meat. You don’t have to worry that these meats would compromise yourdiet, because they are very low in oxalates. Eggs are also high on the list offood recommended for kidney stones patients. However, don’t eat sardines. Thesefish are proven to contain high amounts of oxalates and won’t be good foryour kidneys.

Can You Eat Sweets on Low Oxalate Diet

Nutritionists say you can, but choose carefully. You cantake a tablespoon (and no more) of jams and jellies to satisfy your sweettooth, or sweeten something with a little bit of honey or pure maple syrup. Don’treach for sponge or fruit cakes or marmalades in the supermarket, since you shouldn’teat these products. Chocolate and cocoa powder were also tested and found tocontain high amounts of oxalate. Because of that, people worried about kidneystones should not use any products made with chocolate.

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