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Down with sodium

When it comes to diets in general, those that are based on as little sodium as possible are quite frequent, especially in those persons who suffer from hypertension. The main purpose of sodium is to make sure that the fluids in the body are balanced and in check. As far as other “duties” are concerned, the chemical element in question is also responsible for the maintenance of the proper blood volume, as well as blood pressure. Therefore, if a person’s diet is extremely high in sodium, the person in question will most certainly have problems with increase in blood pressure, and also increase the risk of developing such a condition as hypertension.


The low sodium diet is especially recommended for people who suffer from various heart, kidney and liver related conditions and illnesses. The people in question should consume as little sodium as possible, so as not to reach a rather critical state and endanger their overall health. Despite the fact that many people find salty food tastier, limiting sodium is more beneficial for the person’s body, and enables us to maintain our health on a high note.

Meals and intake recommendations

Having proper quantities of sodium in mind, almost all experts agree that the upper limit for the people having issues with liver, heart and kidney related conditions should be set at 2000 mg, or even less. Breeching this can mean only formation of excessive fluid in the person’s body. To make the entire matter much easier, the above mentioned people should keep their hands off packed food and the food varieties that are processed, since they are considered as those most abundant in sodium. Since salt is considered to give that most savory taste to just about any dish, many might find it pretty difficult to exclude salt in preparing their favorite dishes. But, people should also be aware that there is a great variety of savory dishes that can be prepared without the aid of salt. Some of them are:

Low sodium vegetable nachos – in order to prepare this more than tasty, non-salty, dish, a person needs the following ingredients: tortillas, red onion, shredded carrot, small and sliced thin zucchini, half a cup of fat-free sour cream, half a teaspoon of cumin (ground), beans, finely snipped cilantro, olive oil, chili peppers, half of a cup of tomato, three quarters of a cup of cheddar cheese (shredded).Low sodium spicy bites – what you will need is half a packet of frozen puff pastry, seasoning (extra spicy), mustard (Dijon), half a cup of Mozzarella cheese (shredded), prosciutto and one big in size egg.

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