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Hoarse Throat

The problem we are talking about is associated with the altered voice quality and itcan sometimes prove to be very discomforting problem. It cansometimes be experienced in the morning, but this type of hoarseness is very briefand it goes away on its own. It is also accompanied by swallowing problems,harsh voice and breathy voice. We have mentioned the change of voice quality,which is a result of affected voice box. Many remedies are available for thisproblem that can be caused by a number of reasons.


Vocal box and vocal cord are areas that are affected and cause the hoarseness.The vocal box is a home for vocal folds that produce sounds. Theirfunctioning is impaired when they became swollen, which causes the alterationof voice pitch and volume. The cause of hoarse throat can be minor, or it canbe serious, from bacterial infection to cancer. Other minor causes includecold, exposure to irritants/smoke, cough and loud speaking. Another cause isthe larynx inflammation, which is called laryngitis. This problem can be acute,caused by upper respiratory infection, or chronic, which lasts longer and which ismore serious. Cancer can be formed due to the problem like excessive chewing oftobacco and smoking, which also cause hoarseness. The medical problem, duringwhich the stomach reflux is sent back to the mouth, is called gastroesophagealreflux disease. This problem can lead to hoarseness. Puberty, postnasal drip,tonsillitis, bronchitis, and allergies can also produce throat hoarseness.


If the problem is created due to the cough or common cold, some simple remediescan eliminate it. The first to mention is salt water, which should begargled twice a day. Make the salt water by mixing one cup of water and a half of a teaspoon of salt. It will give almost immediate relief by destroying germs. Ifthe problem is a result of an upper respiratory problem, you can use steam which youneed to inhale. You can do this by inhaling steam coming from the boilingwater in which you have added eucalyptus oil. Remember to put a towel over yourhead during the inhalation. Hot fluids can bring relief sometimes. It is bestto mix turmeric powder and milk and drink it. Sugar can ease the bitterness ofthis mix. You can also mix lemon extract and honey with warm water. Drinkingsome hot tea is also an option, but you can also use medications like analgesics,which come in the form of a spray. Before using them, talk to a specialist.Remember that hoarseness should not last more than a week, so if this happens,visit a doctor. Also, try to eliminate smoking, if this is the cause of throat hoarseness.

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