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The Importance of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an amazing traitmaking people who have it more successful, creative and positive thanthe ones who do not. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine a nation fullof self-confident people. Logically, it is not hard to deduce thatthis nation would, most certainly, be the best one. If all peoplewere self-confident, they would give their best in whatever theywould be doing. This would result in maximal productivity duringeducation and later work, throughout a nation as a whole.Additionally, it would mean advancement and evolving of everything wecreate and will create. All in all, considering the fact that thewhole planet is a nation, if we all had sufficient self-confidence,there would be no limits to our overall advancement.

Characteristics of a Self-ConfidentNation

People in this kind of a nation wouldnot sit and wait for someone else to find them. Rather, after doingtheir best during education, they would struggle for their place inthe world. They would not hide their competence and skill and wouldeasily find someone to impress.

Therefore, these people would getemployed easily. While working, they would show creativity to thevery maximum, always doing their best. Thus, their employers wouldearn more than expected, being capable of investing more intotechnological development, additional employment, and charity.

Taking into consideration that most ofthe people will be employed, governments would not lose money forsocial care. Rather, they would invest it in the development of theirnation, providing many benefits as well as places where the joblessfew could be employed.

Such a nation would be prone toconstant advancement, one achievement presenting a motivation foranother one. Thereby, there would be no settling for the status quo.Rather, people will constantly improve themselves and their nation asa whole, staying positive and satisfied.

Finally, people who are self-confidenthave no doubts about their capabilities and skills. So, they are notscared of helping others and being useful role models. They presentconstructive competition, enabling feedback and information to allwho wish to follow their footsteps.

Thus, for these, and many otherreasons, it is obvious that we would only evolve and develop if onlywe had this vital dose of healthy self-confidence. This is not anunreal theory but quite a possible one. Everything that people need is a healthystate of mind, focusing on the benefit of all, presenting perfectgears in the mutual mechanism they all are a part of, their nation.

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