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People who want to go on a diet must be very considerate in choosing the right one. The results of a recent study conducted at the University of Connecticut showed that people who were on a balanced diet, and then changed their diet to a low carb diet, experienced losing of muscle power. Therefore, people must be careful in choosing their diet so as not to lose too much of their muscle weight. Here are some tips that can point you towards the right direction. The final goal is to lose fat without losing muscle, and this is how one can do it.

Advice on how to lose weight and not muscles

The main thing is to begin slowly. You have to change burning days with recovery days, but carbohydrates mustn’t be eliminated completely from your diet. You have to manage them in order to provide your body with carbohydrates, but don’t overdo it. According, to the practice of a well known nutritionist in the period of 12 years, more than 10 000 of his clients succeeded in losing fat without muscle lost, simply by reducing carbohydrates by 20% of their body need. You are supposed to have two burning days, and then one day of rest, because in this way you, will lose 1-2 pounds every week and muscles will remain the same as before.

The second advice relates to the time of exercise. The exercises should be done on burning days, but the outcome of the exercise will be seen on days when you are not actually working out. The best period for doing exercise is 1,5-2 hours after your meal, but don’t do your exercises if you didn’t plan to eat at least once more, because your muscles need to recuperate from exercise. This is so because of the important role of insulin that affects blood stream and therefore the muscles.

Final advice

One can’t fool himself that the results will come soon, so you have to be patient in order to see real results. The real problem relates to people who are overweight. This kind of diet is far better than low carb diet because you don’t lose muscle weight and accept new, healthier diet. Even thought low carb diet gives results faster, you can be sure that in no time your fat will be back very soon, if you don’t take care of your diet after losing the wanted amount of fat. We hope that these pieces of advices will be of some help for people eager to lose weight and save their muscles.

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