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Desires and achievement

Contrary to the general belief, taking up and adhering to a certain weight loss program will not always give the sought after results. And this is the fact that gets most people down once things do not go the way they planned them to go. In addition, another discouraging factor is the fact that even at the point when some excessive weight does disappear and that can be seen clearly when one’s clothes become looser than they once were, the measuring scale does not show any significant improvement. Also, there are cases in which a person only gains additional weight, and does not lose the excess as previously planned. One of the explanations for this is that exercises facilitate and boost muscle building, which is an extremely important fact, since muscles do weigh significantly more than fat. But, despite the allegations, it should not be taken for granted because it is only partially true.

Loss and gain

One story that is regarded as true by quite a number of people who are into exercising, is that fats can be turned into muscles by way of exercises. This further results in losing that troublesome excessive weight. What they also strongly believe is that the moment a person seizes to exercise, the muscles transform back into fats. As many of you would have guessed by now, this is impossible due to a quite simple fact that fats cannot change into muscles, nor is this possible in the case of muscles. Certain programs do provide detailed instructions on how to battle off excessive weight and gain muscles on the way. Given the fact that each change leaves a mark on our body, this kind of change can also influence the person’s overall body weight so much because gaining muscles has a tendency to increase one’s overall weight as well.

Muscles or fat?

The truth is that muscles actually do not weigh more than fats, but the main difference has to do with their constitution in general. On one hand, we have muscles that are leaner and denser than fat, whereas on the other, fats have the tendency to be bulky and are known to occupy much more space than the muscles. This is one of the reasons why, for example, 1 pound of fat can appear to be much bulkier and heavier than 1 pound of muscle. Having this in mind, it can be clearly seen why a person with greater body fat can look much more bulky than the person who has far less body fat and more muscles. 

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