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Most of the people who exercise have experienced lightheadedness after training at some point. We will focus on this issue and see what causes this problem and how to avoid it. The main reason why this occurs is the oxygen or blood supply shortage to the brain and this happens because of the low blood pressure or rapid dehydration. Hard or increased heart pumping can lead to the certain flow of the blood, which can take blame for the lightheadedness felt after exercising. Also, sudden exercise cessation can lead to constant lightheadedness as well.


We will see what can cause lightheadedness after exercise. The treatment depends on the cause of the problem, so it is important to find the exact cause. Workouts, running and other vigorous exercises that people perform can make these people more prone to the dizziness or lightheadedness. When we exercise, muscles need more blood and due to this, heart works at a much faster rate, which leads to lightheadedness. Dizziness can sometimes be felt as well and it feels similar to vertigo, and it can be accompanied by nausea. Nausea is a result of blood deprivation to the intestinal tract, because the blood is taken to the muscles. Lightheadedness after exercise is natural, but there are some other complications that can arise from this lightheadedness, which should not be disregarded as some natural process. If you are having this problem while you exercise, various problems with heart may be the cause and in this case, visit to the hospital is needed. Always see a doctor if you find yourself in this situation.


The first thing you need to do if lightheadedness is felt is to lie down with the heart and the head in the same level. This will help with the dizziness and move the blood to the brain. Remember that you need to slow down gradually if you are doing some vigorous activity, like running, for example. If you are running, before you stop, try to jog for a while. Heat stroke is one of the potential causes of the lightheadedness so see if this is the cause of your problems. You will need to eat right and drink plenty of fluids in order to prevent dizziness or lightheadedness, which can also be prevented if you take a snack before the exercise. Try not to hold your breath while you work out, like most people do, and try to breathe right in order to get the oxygen to the muscles. You can learn many stretching techniques and exercises, which can prevent lightheadedness. All of the mentioned tips will help you with the lightheadedness problem that you might be feeling during exercising. This problem is nothing to be worried about, but just to be safe, do lightheadedness exercises, eat right, drink enough of fluids, and keep a good care of your health.

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