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If you are trying to get pregnant, your health matters. If you thought that lifestyle changes should only be made once you conceive, you are wrong. Sometimes, some simple diet and lifestyle changes are all that is necessary to boost your fertility and enable you to get pregnant. Some of the things that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant are obvious, and common knowledge. Other, not so much so. We have prepared a list of lifestyle changes to boost your fertility for you.

The first, and most obvious, bit of advice that we will give you today is to make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Include foods from all major foods groups and make sure there are plenty of fresh veggies in your diet. Foods to avoid if you're trying to conceive include trans fats, anything too processed, and lots of sugar. Check that you are the right weight. Being obese or being underweight can have a negative impact on your chances to get pregnant. Losing weight, or putting it on, might be less complicated before you get pregnant too. Stop smoking and only drink alcohol in extreme moderation. Remember that this is important for both partners while they are trying to conceive, and not just for the woman.

STD testing before getting pregnant is always a good idea. On the odd chance that you do have one, it could be affecting your fertility. The earlier these things are treated, the better. Be physically active don't be a couch potato. Regular exercise is good for your whole body, and could speed up conception too. Working out (in any way you like, including sex!) for at least half an hour a day is recommended. Reduce stress. High stress levels can stop women from ovulating and can lower a man's sperm count.

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