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Laxatives that might help in losing weight

Slimming tea is a very popular form of laxatives, which is sold at more than affordable prices. Those that are based on herbs are certainlyhealthier, even though when it comes to the effectiveness, they are all equallyeffective.Saline laxatives are effective due to the fact that they havesulfate, phosphate and magnesium as ingredients. Given the fact that these ingredients cannotbe absorbed, they remain in the colon and cause softening of the stool thanksto the water that they draw. Those laxatives that contain more magnesiumsulfate are better, and Epsom salts is regarded as one of the best.Lubricant laxatives make the stool softer due to the factthat they consist of mineral oil, which tends to remain in the intestine notallowing water to leave the stool.Emollient laxatives contain the so-called wetting agent thathelps the water penetrate the colon and reach the stool. However, even thoughthis type of laxative is regarded as the safest, it does take a week or eventwo before the first results appear.Hyperosmolar laxatives also retain the water after the persontakes them, but the fact is that this type of laxatives can only be obtainedwith the prescription from the doctor.

Are laxatives healthy for weight loss?

Even though people who desperately want to lose excessiveweight are sometimes ready to do anything, the use of laxatives for thispurpose is not a good solution. Despite the fact that they are helpful forpeople who have problems with infrequent bowel movements and constipation,there is a number of side effects associated with their use, and when theybegin to take them, people are usually not aware of them. Some of the possible sideeffects include nausea, chronic diarrhea, vomiting cramps in the stomach anddehydration, but those are only milder ones. Those that are serious and thatcan really impair one’s health are rectal bleeding, electrolyte disorder and evenfainting, not to mention permanent changes in the functioning of the digestive system.The loss of minerals that are essential for proper functioning of the body mightlead to weak bones and osteomalacia, while overuse might result in conditionssuch as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Even though it might sound hard tobelieve, continuous use of these medications might have fatal consequences. When all of these problems are taken into consideration, itis more than obvious that laxatives are not a safe solution to lose weight.

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