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First steps in the treatment of constipation

When it comes to the problem in question and its treatment,some basic changes in the diet are usually all that it takes in order torelieve and manage constipation. These changes refer to a bit increased intakeof fiber, some 30 grams a day shall be enough, and the fiber can be takenthrough the foods that are high in this nutrient. Fresh fruits and vegetablesare the best choice, while processed food, meat, and other foods that do notcontain fiber should be limited. What is also highly recommended is to take ina lot more fluids (either through water, or some other fluids), becausethis will also help in softening the stool. Exercises and physical activity have a positive effect on intestinal activity as well, which is why at leastmoderate exercising at regular intervals should be included. When a personfeels the urge to go to the bathroom and have a bowel movement, that urge should notbe ignored or postponed.

And if none of these methods helps…

Surely, there is a solution to the problem even if none ofthe previously mentioned suggestions gives any results. Even though they areregarded as the last resort because they create some kind of addiction andhabit, laxatives are also a method that should be considered. They can beobtained without a medical prescription, which makes them more than available,and they are not expensive either. The person might find it a bit difficult tochoose the right one, because there are several types, but this is why it is importantto get as much information as possible about the medication that is about to betaken. The pharmacist, the doctor, or even the label that comes with themedication are relevant sources of the needed information. As for the types oflaxatives, among the most commonly used are stimulants (Dulcolax and Correctol),lubricants (mineral oil or Fleet), stool softeners (Surfak), fiber supplements (Metamucil,Serutan, Konsyl), osmotics (Sorbitol, Miralax) and Saline laxatives (milk ofmagnesia).

Besides these medications, therecertainly are those that the doctor has to prescribe, and chloride channelactivators are among them. Also, surgical procedure that consists of removinga part of the colon might be a solution sometimes as well. Or, if the cause ofconstipation is some medical problem, then it is necessary to treat the problemfirst, and see if that will solve the problem of constipation as well.

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