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Ear serves us to detect the acoustic stimulants from our environment and it also helps us to maintain balance. We distinguish three parts of the ear, outside, middle and inner ear, and although each of these parts can be affected by infection, the most frequent is infection of the middle ear. If left untreated, infections of the ear can cause loss of the ability to hear and even meningitis.
Lavender oil
Specific sorts of lavender are used to make essential oil that has healing properties. One of its many benefits is that it helps in healing ear infections. This oil can be used in many other purposes such as reducing pain, relieving symptoms of distress, depression and sleeping problems. It is a very good relaxant for our nervous system and it can also be used for skin problems such as inflamed pimples, psoriasis and different inflammations of the skin. Lavender oil is great for treating wounds because it helps our organism to form a connective tissue on the wounds. This oil can do miracles to our respiratory tract, which is why it is used for treating flu, sinusitis, inflammation of the tonsils and many other problems. Oil made from lavender is even helpful in destroying lice. This oil is excellent for treating indigestion, excessive gases in the alimentary canal, throwing up, watery bowel movements and many other problems regarding digestive tract.
Lavender oil and infection of the ear
Aromatherapy that includes this oil can be very helpful when it comes to ear inflammation and it can relieve pain in the ear. You can use this oil in the treatment of ear infection in two different ways. You can apply some oil on the cotton and put it in your ear, but not too deep and this will fumigate your ear and you will feel much better after that. The other method consists of putting one to two drops of this oil behind the inflamed ear right on the mastoid bone and rub that part softly using your hands. You should repeat this two times per day and the pain will be gone, and after couple of days, your infection will be cured. Now that you know what the ailments where lavender oil can be very helpful are, you can start using it to solve some of the problems you might have. If you decide to use this oil, you should first consult aromatherapists, so that he could tell you something about the adequate use of this oil.

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