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What is the main problem of people in their lives? Is it the money? It could be. Relationships, sexual activity, not socializing enough, not being able to have these things under control? What about childhood dreams? What is success actually and what is the secret to motivating yourself to success?


One thing should be clear – even though most of us want more or less the same things in life (we are all the same species after all), the aspect of success is different for everyone. And it does not even have anything to do with intelligence. There are people with very high IQ who are not interested in raising an economical empire; they simply want a family and some decent living. On the other hand, there are people with emotional and intelligence limits, but they are still able to earn tons of money thanks to being over-ambitious. Also, there are those who are satisfied with enough money to make the ends meet, but on the other hand, they are exercising vigorously and have a perfect body, or they excel in some other activity (which uses logic, mental sharpness etc.).

So, what would be the main motive for succeeding in all these different situations? Well, it might be the desire to be the best, to be a number one in whichever activity is chosen. But is that all? There are those who enjoy competition and game and who are not so concerned about winning. They definitely lack the ambition, but since they do not have it or need it, aren’t they successful in what they really want – fun and joy?


It can be said that all is in details. Perhaps one person needs less money than the other, but wants accomplishment in some other field. Unfortunately, the way world spins today, there is a label of being unsuccessful applied to all those who are not able to earn enough money or simply are not interested in it. So, what is the conclusion? People should try to do what they like and to be the best at it. Trying to be the best in some favorite activity is not difficult and therefore, some success is guaranteed. As for what most of people think success is, money and financial security, well, it is something that changes from one part of the world to the other. While some people having enough money not to be hungry see as a great success, in cases of others, the situation is quite different and having the biggest house, the newest jeep (or even airplane) with so much money it simply cannot be spent is what is considered a triumph. Just the way of the world, it seems…

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