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In some case the genital warts that are really irritating and need to be removed as soon as possible the best solution is to have them removed by way of laser surgery.

Laser surgery is quick and effective and it can be done in almost any medical facility, sometimes even in the doctor’s personal office, if he or she has all the necessary equipment available.

The use of local or general anesthetics will depend on how many warts there are and the size of the area that is being treated.

Women who have abnormal cervical cell changes caused by HPV will be treated differently if the warts are caused by HPV.

Usually, it will take about two to four weeks to recovery from the surgery, depending on the surgical methods and also the number of warts that were removed.

If the patient experiences bleeding that lasts longer than a week, a fever, severe pain, discharge that is yellow and smells bad, they need to contact a doctor immediately. In the case of discharge it could be the symptom of an infection that needs to be treated immediately.

It is also vital to avoid sexual intercourse until the treated area is completely healed and the soreness completely disappears which will usually take three weeks at the most though this also depends on how large the treated area was.

Laser surgery is a last ditch effort in most cases, when medicine has failed to get rid of the warts and the warts continue to spread in the area rapidly.

It is also vitally important to treat the warts during pregnancy though a doctor should be consulted to see what the best course of action in this case would be.

Laser treatment is usually a very safe alternative for pregnant women.

In most cases, some of the following symptoms can arise after the surgery: pain, swelling and itching, discharge from the vagina or penis, sores in the area, tissue sticking together, the shedding of dead tissue, urination in a wide, spraying stream, a scarring of the penis which can cause problems with urination and maintaining erections, and a general scarring of the genital area.

The best advice would be to do some research on the doctors in the area that specialize in this form of laser surgery, because the expertise and skill level of the doctor will influence the effectiveness of the treatment the possible side effects and the duration of recovery.

There are also concerns that laser treatment can increase the chance of the warts returning, since it destroys the local immune system in that area and allows inactive viruses to become active once again.

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