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When losing weight, people expect miracles. When a miracle does not happen, disappointment is surely to come, which usually makes people stop dieting and return to overeating because they think diets are not for them, or they are not for diets, or whatever. This thinking is simply wrong and there is one thing that people with extra weight has to know. There is no easy way out, time is needed. Yes, fast diets will make you lose a lot of weight after only a week or two. Yes, liposuction or gastric surgery will help you eliminate the weight more easily. But the main problem will still remain, the one that made fat accumulation started in the first place. That is overeating (combined with bad eating habits).

Until people realize certain things, a true success will never come. This is why there are people who managed to lose a lot of weight but after a while, even years after, those pounds returned, because bad eating habits returned. Changing weight means changing a life and that is simply not that easy, especially when it is known that most of us have some already created life routine, with certain obligations and usually with lack of money and free time.


Methods for dealing with extra weight are two simple ones, exercising and diets. Those two should be combined for the better effect, but it is not necessary. Sticking to one all the way should be enough. Dieting might be a more viable choice, especially in a long run. This is due to the fact that people should stick to healthy eating, even after the diet is gone. This is not easily explained to some people who think that they can treat themselves with some candy when the diet is over, which is completely wrong, of course.

Lap band

Lap band diet is used suggested after a lap band surgery, and it has a slightly different concept. It recommends only three meals a day (not 5 or 6 as in most of diets). Food allowed in this diet includes proteins with low fat percentage (protein from fish and eggs, for example), cereals, low fat dairy products, and of course, a lot of veggies and fruits. It emphasizes eating of solid food only, because it will stay longer in stomach and intestinal tract, which will prevent hunger. Lap band surgery is based on inserting a lap band around the upper part of the stomach and that narrows that area down. This makes it impossible for large amounts of food to be taken; the feeling of fullness comes after a smallportion.

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