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A Brief Introduction: What is lapband surgery used for?

LaparoscopicAdjustable Gastritic Banding Procedure is a type of weight losssurgery which is also known as lap band surgery.

Itis used as as a procedure of treatment for people with cases ofexcessive obesity. Namely, the cases in mind are those when theperson's obesity is so severe that all other methods of weight lossfail. It is in these cases, when the particular type of surgerykicks in as a sort of a last resort solution.

Whethera particular patient is suitable for this type of surgery isdetermined via a series of screening tests as performed by thedoctor. Other tests should include: the analysis of blood tests,gastroscopy and image studies. A number of different specialists maybe consulted concerning any of the tests.

Soaccordingly, in order to inform on the topic, this article takes acloser look a the procedures and recovery time of lap band surgery.

What is lap bandsurgery?

Fundamentally,lap band surgery is a for of restrictive weight loss surgery. Thismeans that it is a weight loss surgery for the patient who issuffering from an extreme case of obesity.

Theprocedure is always performed under general anesthesia. The surgery,itself, involves creating a small pouch with an adjustable stoma or anarrow passage in the upper part of the sufferer's stomach.

Then,through the "keyhole" surgical method, a gastritic banddevice is placed around the patient's upper part of the stomach. Thisis, namely, the very place where food enters from esophagus.

Thepreviously mentioned procedure is meant to limit the intake of food(that is to say the function capacity) of the stomach.

Thisis possible thanks to the fact that the device has a balloon whichmay be adjusted to suite the various levels of feeling full. By this,it is clear that with a prolonged feeling of fullness the patientconsequentially takes in less food, which ultimately results inweight loss.

Thisprocedure is minimally invasive, as it doesn't involve the slightestbit of stapling or cutting of the stomach. Patients are normallydischarged within 48 hours upon its completion.


What is the recoverytime for lap band surgery?

Asit has been noted previously, since this procedure involves a bareminimum of invasion, most patients are discharged within 48 hours(some even within 24 hours) upon its completion. Patients are then toconsult their relevant doctors within a week upon surgery.

Anotherpoint would be that, since the anatomy of the stomach had beenaltered, a basic surgery diet is to be obeyed for a certain extent oftime as well.

Also,ten days upon surgery, the patients probably won't be able to performhis or her daily activities. Strenous activity is to be avoided forabout six weeks or so.

Checkupsare normally scheduled on a weekly basis during the first month.

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