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Obesity is the slowly but steadily becoming a huge problem formany people today. It simply cannot be explained why so many people start withovereating, but to a certain level, stress and the modern way of living can beblamed for that. There is simply too much pressure, starting from early age, tobe the best in school, on college, to find a good and prosperous job and to bethe best possible person when it comes to family relations. Some people simplycannot deal with all these easily, but also do not slip into dangerous thingslike alcohol or drug abuse. They turn to food, as an universal comfortinginstrument.


How does food help? Well, food activates certain substancesin the organism that raise the mood, especially if sugar is used. Also,delicious food always helps in bringing some joy and eventually many take foodwhile performing activities like watching TV and while surfing on Internet.Food slowly becomes the only refuge, the one that needs to be used constantlyand in bigger amounts.


This all comes down to a point when obesity clearly becomesa huge issue. There are extreme cases that simply cannot deal with the extraweight in traditional way. Extremely overweight people should not start withexercises immediately, since that could be dangerous for the organism. Atfirst, some strict and rigorous diet has to be used. And even that might nothelp. So, what is left? Surgery only. There are several types of surgeries forthis kind of problem and lap band procedure is one of those. It is growing moreand more popular lately and it just might be called the best surgical methodfor dealing with extra weight.

What is in the core of lap band procedure? It is aboutplacing a lap band around the upper part of the stomach just beneath theesophagus. The surgery itself is not harmful and the band is placed through asmall incision. The good thing that this procedure brings is not only weightreduction. There are other benefits that should be mentioned and those areelimination of sleeping problems (apnea, for example), possible reduction of high bloodpressure and there is also a good chance of eliminating the reflux. Anothergreat positive effect is improvement in people who suffer from asthma. Asalready said, the surgery is safe, but the post op period must include lap banddiet for adjusting to the new stomach volume.

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